South Africa, a gold mine of talent - marimba boys

Despite the high percentage of unemployment in South Africa which currently as of December 2019 stands at 29,0%, the country isn’t short of skilled and talented individuals. The current outlook, although now being a negative one, seems to be over clouding the rich and diverse forms of self-employment our people have created for themselves. Most of these entrepreneurs flourish in the arts sector which most of us have come across on our trips to certain parts of our country. - Don hartley Art

The importance of visual and creative arts

The V&A Waterfront and Cape Town, to name a few, aren’t short of these individuals displaying their traditional sculptures and art on every corner. When mentioning art, this includes dancers, painters and musicians who can be found just a few steps away from another spectacle. These businessmen and women form part of our workforce as much as our corporations do and they don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. According to the Department Of Arts and Culture, this sector sees a turnover of R2 billion per year and more people and businesses are contributing to its growth. - 2 men and a guitar

The positive aspects of local entrepreneurship

Given the stats of our employment rate and our population on the rise, it’s easy to lose sight of the hard workers and businesses that operate irrespective of the cons against them. Maybe this view of things can assist us with looking at the positives of our great country that consists of strong-willed people who don’t take no for an answer, but do what it takes to earn a living. The time to support local businesses and start-ups is now more than ever. Creativity in this technological age is flourishing and businesses looking to invest are coming from outside of South Africa rather than within it. For more on South African business investment please see my article on the topic Click here.