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Ironside December 4th 2019

Despite the high percentage of unemployment in South Africa which currently as of December 2019 stands at 29,0%, the country isn’t short of skilled and talented individuals. The current outlook, although now being a negative one, seems to be over clouding the rich and diverse forms of self-employment our people have created for themselves. Most of these entrepreneurs flourish in the arts sector which most of us have come across on our trips to certain parts of our country.

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Ironside December 5th 2019

At the end of 2018 foreign investment in South African businesses stood at 446%. President Cyril Ramaphosa advised that he plans to increase this percentage even greater by 2023. That seems to be great news when you consider the growth it aims to achieve in the local business sector. As foreign investors receive a return on their investments the question in the air is, what about local business and their plans on investment?

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Ironside December 9th 2019

As we say goodbye to 2019 and await 2020 that pry’s around the corner, we might fall part of the few South Africans, if not the majority, who are planning to make a new year’s resolution. The question on my mind is how hopeful can the youth that just matriculated be for the new year? And will their resolution of employment or further studies have more success than our plans for 2020?

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Ironside December 11th 2019

In my previous article titled, South Africa, a gold mine of talent I touched on how South Africans young and old are sitting with an abundance of gifts and talents and how this is a positive reflection on South Africa locally and internationally.
On the other side of the spectrum, we are surrounded by people who are unable to pursue their passion or dream. These individuals are currently putting in the maximum amount of hours in their areas of work for the main reason of trying to earn a living.

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Ironside December 13th 2019

The title alone should either evoke interest or scepticism depending on your outlook towards being your own boss.
First off the result of taking orders from yourself and working on your schedule seems extremely inviting but the suits and briefcases (what media tends to consistently show as being successful) do not happen overnight. Most people ignore the process and only see the nice house, car and the goals of now finally being able to remove their debt once and for all. The truth is that most times it isn’t as easy as that. It’s quite difficult to start something from scratch and build it into something great. The rewards of your hard work, however, will show with your consistency, patience and the right plans and strategies set in place.

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